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Discover the power of the Mediately app across 12 European countries, featuring an extensive library of 236,000 drugs, 115 different tools, and more than 80 published educations. With a community of over 210,000 doctors registered, there's an exciting opportunity to explore!

Is your medicine on our list? Ever wondered how often doctors search for it or what they want to know about it? Do you want to know which specializations look for it most? We can help you find out with special reports made just for you.

Here are some types of reports we can do:

  • How doctors in different fields and countries use the Mediately App
  • Tools usage in the Mediately App
  • Drug search by specialization
These are just a few options, but if you're curious about something else, don't worry! Just fill out the form and we'll do our best to give you the information you want.
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custom report image