Our mission is to help doctors make better decisions by making medical knowledge accessible.

At Mediately, we help doctors diagnose faster, treat better and learn more with our fast and intuitive mobile assistant, available in 12 countries. It’s made for doctors, which means each specialist can find information tailored to their specific needs.

With our product, doctors and healthcare professionals can discover new drugs, check their SmPCs and side effects, calculate the right dosages for medicines using clinical calculators, find out about the most recent guidelines, or search through the ICD-10 classification system to treat their patients more efficiently.

Mediately – the best-rated medical app in Europe

  • Bi-weekly updated information about more than 236,000 drugs & SmPCs
  • Up to 115 different tools per country
  • More than 80 educations already published

Mediately PRO version includes:

Interactions checker

Drug Interaction Checker

Identify interactions in a clear overview & review clinical implications and drug alternatives

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Offline Access

Provides offline access to users' favorite features, so they can use the app even without Wi-Fi or mobile data


Exclusive Support

Includes special offers and priority support for PRO users

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Advertising in the Mediately App

Mediately App is widely used by more than 230.000 doctors in Europe. We provide targeting options, allowing you to connect with doctors based on their medical specialty and country. This ensures your message is not just seen but resonates with the intended audience. To ensure that your message gets to the right person, we verify our users and their specialities. For each advertising option we can set up, who will see it.

Our commitment to transparency extends beyond targeting. We follow and analyze campaign results, providing you with insights into the performance of your advertising. You can register in Mediately Insights to see how big of an reach you can get. And when you start advertising with us, you will be able to see results of your campaigns and monthly reports.

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